I help busy professionals - just like you.

Yes, I have been published in a few notable publications. Maybe you have heard of them? Architectural Digest; Elle Decor; Dwell; Derring Hall; and many more. Along the way, there have been a few awards bestowed on me; like being named the Most Innovative Designer of 2016 by Build Magazine and Modern Luxury Interiors named me one of the California Faces of Design in 2017. Oh yeah, I have had the pleasure designing the homes of very prominent public figures, but I keep it confidential.

I get to live my dream job! How many people can say that?

Do you know what really excites me? Energizing you to fulfill your fantasy of making daring strides towards creating a home and life that forever changes you.

You always desired a beautiful home, thoughtfully designed, and well organized. It would make your life easier. The problem is, you just don’t know where to start. You feel very overwhelmed at actually making it happen. You just can’t ever seem to get it together.

The truth is you are busy juggling your successful professional life, your active personal life, your excellent health and wellness, your fun-loving friends, and your adoring family. Building a new home, remodeling, or decorating has taken a back seat.


You are probably searching for someone who is inventive, your personal style influencer, and a commanding presence that will confidently make bold choices to express your unique qualities that are distinctly you.

No one in the world is exactly like you. You have your own motivations, feelings, ways of thinking, goals, fears, hopes, and dreams. You are seeking a relationship with an interior designer that is genuine and values your character and personality.

You need someone who will take serious care in making decisions and choices while having your best interest at heart. You desire a designer that encourages you to take risks. You want more than just the latest trends. You seek custom design solutions that will enhance your life and be a home where you can comfortably be yourself. You are looking to hand over the reins. You give me freedom to generate ideas easily and quickly draw clever linkages between facts, people, problems, and solutions. My innovative thinking tends to foster ongoing dialog between us.

Your day is filled with noise and clutter. Searching for reasons and cause, thinking about all the factors that might affect your particular project can feel mind-boggling. Let me explore alternative ways for you. How would you feel if I could simplify and find the best route for you? You value someone who is comfortable suggesting and recommending a decision or course of action.

My straightforward style is balanced with my caring nature.

Action is the only way to make things happen, right? Only action leads to performance. right? Let’s make decisive decisions and take action to implement your design project.

How would you feel if I was adept at dealing with the problems and resolving it for you?

Let’s get it done! 



I firmly believe that good design speaks for itself, while great design is authentic.

Many decades ago, I was born Aaron Bradford Duke in the cultural wasteland of Garland, Texas. For those of you wondering where the heck that falls on the map, it is just a stone's throw away from Dallas.  

In an era long before the Internet made its way to the palm of your hands, my playgrounds of curiosity, exploration, and discovery were the worlds of art, dance, design, fashion, travel, theatre, and my imagination. I found inspiration in magazines, books, and newspapers of a well-lived life more exciting than my hometown.

Your home balances exclusivity with accessibility by blending custom designed, high-end furnishings with keenly curated vintage finds. My unique marriage of a vivid imagination and well-traveled European perspective gives your home a highly globalized aesthetic. I always find a way of interjecting a touch of humor. Have a laugh. These statement rooms allow you to fully express your individuality and give your friends and family permission to live comfortably.

Your inventive design will flow seamlessly from the exterior to the inside creating harmony. Aaron balances exclusivity with accessibility in his highly globalized statement rooms incorporating his love of history, architecture, fine art, fashion, exquisite food, and a romantic ideal of life.

Inherently, I am intrigued by your unique qualities, value your genuine relationship, confidently take command of your project, strategically chose a path to move you toward your end result, and take pleasure in making decisions and taking intentional action to get ‘er done.

My natural commanding presence with a strong personal style – always in my signature boots -

If you desire a home unlike any other, then you will be drawn to my distinctive brand of eccentric cool.

What is eccentric cool, you ask? Simply, it is living authentically, standing in your truth, and unapologetically being you. As the French would say, je ne sais quoi. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know it when you see it, touch it, taste it, feel it, or smell it.