While each of our projects is unique - just like our clients and their homes - our professional fees remain the same from project-to-project.  Our associates of professionals in their areas of expertise ensure you the greatest value, efficiency, and maximizing time and skills.


Before we begin any project, AARON B DUKE will personally meet with each client in their home for a two-hour consultation where Mr. Duke will review your goals, wishes, wants, and desires for your project.  Along the way, he will ask questions that evoke clients to address what they don't like, what they do like, and what they would like each space to feel like when it is complete.  He will offer his experience, knowledge, and expert opinions of how you can best achieve you desired effect. Next, he will review with you our 10 - phase design process answering any questions you might have.  Finally, Mr. Duke will review in detail with you our contract, retainer, and billing procedures to ensure everyone is in agreement of the terms and conditions of hiring a professional interior designer to execute your design vision.  We only charge $397 for this valuable consultation that will leave you ready to begin your design project with the best interior designer in los angeles, AARON B DUKE.


Compensation for services is based on an hourly fee schedule and a management fee for product procurement as listed below:

Hourly time billing rates

Principal designer                         $150.00

Designer                                          $100.00

Jr. Designer                                    $50.00

Draftsman                                      $75.00

All goods purchased by Aaron B Duke shall be subject to a 30% expediting and procurement fee on net pricing. Generally, this price is still below retail. The management fee serves as compensation for all time and resources associated with product procurement: placing the order, ensuring accuracy, order receipt and estimated delivery dates, coordination with vendor, inspections of goods for quality assurance, vendor payments and delivery coordination. No hourly billing will apply to the time required for product procurement.